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Sapphire Ambient Light Fixed Frame Screen 221cm x 125cm Sapphire Ambient Light Fixed Frame Screen 221cm x 125cm
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Epson EB-X27 Projector
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Sapphire In Ceiling Tab Tensioned Screen 2670mm x 1500mm
Sapphire In Ceiling Tab Tensioned Screen 2670mm x 1500mm


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In Ceiling Tab Tensioned Electric Projector Screens With Motorised Trap Door

The Sapphire "Ultimate" series In-ceiling screen.

* Imagine if you had a screen that was almost invisible to visitors until in use and when you finish viewing the trap door closes magically to hide the fabric.
* Imagine if the motor and the structure was designed to be whisper quiet.
* Imagine if the screen was able to drop down when you turn on your projector.
* Imagine if the fabric was probably the best in the business giving vibrant colour with a perfectly flat tensioned surface.
* Imagine if the product had a 5 year comprehensive warranty.

You need not imagine any more as you get all this at an outstanding price with the new "Ultimate" range.

We use the same quality material and also features the IR remote and 12volt trigger of the standard Sapphire Mayfair Tab Tensioned screens. The unusually quiet operation is due to the unique way that the motor section of the housing is separated from the ceiling section of the housing by a rubber seal. This stops any vibration travelling through into the ceiling void, amplifying the sound. An issue found with other In-ceiling designs. This along with the trap door mechanism makes this screen the perfect discreet option for projection.

Superior Projection Screen Surface

The material on a Tab Tension screen is not only pulled down by the weight of the bar but also from the left and right side by a Nylon string. The string is periodically connected to the material via small "Tabs", hence the name Tab Tension. Unlike a standard screen, a Tab Tension screen has a flexible material so that it can be pulled taught from all sides. The Sapphire Tab Tensioned screens have a unique ratchet mechanism at each end of the weighted bar so that the tensioning strings can be easily adjusted should the temperature have any affect on the screen material. The soft touch material is optimised for home cinema use, producing a high contrast and uniform reflectivity. A black PVC backing prevents light leakage so that the screen can be positioned in front of a window.

Built in Infra-red remote control and projector trigger
All Sapphire Tab Tensioned electric screens feature built in infra-red remote with external IR control and come with a simple hand held remote. The IR receiver is located on the inside left of the case. Also included is a 12volt trigger input, this allows the screen to be activated from any projector or surround sound amp with a 12volt output. A 10m mono mini jack cable is included to connect the screen to a 12volt output device. If this was not enough you can also control the screen using RS232 or Zero Voltage contact closure.

Diagonal Viewing Area  Product Code Format Side Border Bottom Border Top Border Gain Case Dimensions
122" W2670mm x H1500mm SETC270WSF-ATR 16.9 100mm 50mm 400mm 1.1 3245 x 170 x 155mm

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